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Summer Wood

Area of the house 35 m²

The Summer Wood house is a small, modern mezzanine house designed for summer plots. This model is sure to appeal to young couples who appreciate cozy, minimalist interiors.

A big advantage of the Summer Wood house is the mezzanine, which will be perfect as a bedroom area, separated from the rest of the rooms. The main place in the cottage is the living room, which, thanks to large windows, is a spacious, bright space. Placing such a cottage on a green plot of land may turn out to be a dream come true for your own place on earth.

Basic information:
Area of the house35 m²
Dimensions of the house5,24m x 8,12m
Number of rooms1
Number of people1-2
Number of floors2
Min. plot dimension13,24m x 16,12m
The most important:
  • Possibility of creating a passive house
  • Placement on a holiday plot
  • Modern style
  • Mezzanine

Energy-efficient houses

All our houses, regardless of the chosen heating technique, due to their construction, are energy-efficient. The requirement for a house to be called energy-efficient is the degree of permeability of buildings, which is currently at least 0.21.By default, we use 10 cm of wool, which gives us a permeability of 0.15.At the request of the customer, we can use wool with a thickness of 5 cm - we get a permeability of 0.19, which already meets the above requirements. Buildings using BrickWood technology are fully environmentally friendly and economical in use.

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