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Light Wood

Area of the house 97 m²

The Light Wood house is an almost 100-square-meter space where each member of the family will find a pleasant place for themselves. A huge asset is the living room, which has been combined with a dining area and a kitchenette. Windows along with an exit to the terrace further enlarge this part of the house.

In addition to the traditional rooms, the design includes space for a pantry. Depending on your preferences, it is possible to choose the number of bedrooms, and this affects the size of the living room area. A terrace made of paving stones diversifies common moments with the possibility of spending time outdoors. The façade in a muted white color harmonizes with the darker finish, and the whole house is a cozy and comfortable place for the whole family.

  • Choice of number of bedrooms
  • Exit to the terrace
  • Large, open space
  • Living area connected to the kitchen and dining room
Basic information:
Area of the house97 m²
Dimensions of the house12,44m x 9,2m
Number of rooms2-3
Number of people3-4
Number of floors1
Min. plot dimension19.44m x 17.20m
The most important:
  • The possibility of creating a passive house
  • Placement on a holiday plot
  • Modern style

Energy-efficient houses

All our houses, regardless of the chosen heating technique, due to their construction, are energy-efficient. The requirement for a house to be called energy-efficient is the degree of permeability of buildings, which is currently at least 0.21.By default, we use 10 cm of wool, which gives us a permeability of 0.15.At the request of the customer, we can use wool with a thickness of 5 cm - we get a permeability of 0.19, which already meets the above requirements. Buildings using BrickWood technology are fully environmentally friendly and economical in use.

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