EN Brick Wood

Wooden bricks - Innovative house construction system


We have been present on the market since 1998, while under the name of Constract Eko Domy we have existed for nearly two years.
Our headquarters are located in Waldyki - a small town in the Warmian-Masurian province.
It was here, in the heads of several visionaries and specialists in their field, that the idea of establishing a company that would fulfill the dreams of many people about their own house was born. We realize them with the help of technology using an innovative prefabricated brick called "brickwood".

BrickWood Projects

Choose the design you want to configure according to your requirements and make your dream of owning your own house come true.

See how our house is built using BrickWood technology

Our technology is based on fixing bricks with screws and mounting foam. In between we put a so-called connector, which binds them together. From the outside, we perforate the brick, which allows water vapor to escape if it collects inside the raw material. We protect the entire building with a membrane, then we insulate with rock wool, and apply mesh and glue to the wool.

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