EN Brick Wood



New technology in the construction industry

BrickWood is an alternative to traditional methods of erecting houses. The uncomplicated construction process, durability and ecological structure of our bricks guarantee peace of mind and comfort for homeowners.

BrickWood blocks

Our technology is based on fixing bricks with screws and mounting foam. In between we put a so-called connector, which binds them together. We perforate the outside of the brick, which allows water vapor to escape if such collects inside the raw material. We protect the entire building with a membrane, then we insulate with rock wool, and apply mesh and glue to the wool.

See how our house is built

The material we use has been tested at the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, which guarantees the safety and effectiveness of BrickWood technology. The innovative BrickWood house building technology has received a National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2020/1548 issued by the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw with the notation "positive assessment of the performance characteristics for a set of modular BRICKWOOD blocks for making external and internal walls of buildings."

What will you gain?

Owning your own house doesn't have to be a luxury for the few. We are here to make it affordable for you.
The structure of our blocks allows quick installation, and thus we maximize the time to complete your dream home.
We care about the quality and safety of workmanship, but also about nature. We use environmentally friendly materials.

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